Transitional measures for Croatian nationals following the entry of Croation in the European Union- 27/08/2013

Croatia entered the European Union on 1st of July and became the 28th Member. In this context, France has decided to implement the first phase of transational period (July 1st, 2013 to June 30th, 2015) to limit access to the Labor market by Croatian nationals.

Nationality- The Minister confirmed by Circular easing requirements for naturalization- 26/08/2013

The Interior Minister confirmed by the Circular of 21st, June 2013 his desire to relax the criteria for naturalization.

Changes in the right of residence for foreign students and researchers – 26/08/2013

The Act of 22 July 2013 on higher education and research amends several sections of the Code of Entry and Stay of Aliens and Asylum ( CESEDA ) with respect to the duration of the provisional admission, also known as APS and multi annual residence issued to foreign students. The law also now allows the application to scientists and researchers the notion of involuntary deprivation of employment. The circular of July 30 provides for the implementation of these new provisions.

Recognition of marriage for same sex-couples in Immigration proceedings- 18/06/2013

The Act of May 17, 2013 modifies the civil code section 143 to read: “Marriage is contracted by two persons of opposite sex or the same sex.” France joins the few countries that have legalized marriage between same sex (Belgium, Spain, Canada, some states in the United States and Brazil, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico (Federal District), Argentina, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Iceland and Uruguay). Henceforth, in France, the marriage will give rise to the same rights in French immigration procedures, whether the spouses are of different sex or the same sex.

Biometric Residence Permits – 10/06/2013

The progressive deployment of biometrics in all French departments has the effect of modifying the procedures for applying for a residence permit and require additional appearance at the Prefecture for fingerprinting.

Update on Sanctions for illegal work – 31/01/2013

The Laws of June 16th, 2011 and December 31st, 2012 transpose the dispositions contained in the “Return” and “Sanctions” EU directives into national law applicable in the event of illegal work or illegal stay. The enforcement plan against illegal work that was adopted at the end of 2012 provides the enforcement guidelines, whereas the circular of November 28th, 2012 states how the new administrative sanctions may be implemented.

Professional Immigration- List of understaffed occupations applicable to third country nationals – 18/01/2013

With the decree of 11 August 2011, the government had halved the understaffed occupations, where the labour market test is not applicable to foreign nationals of third countries in the European Union. In a judgment of 26 December 2012, the Council of State annulled the decree notably based on the irregularity of the procedure of consultation with trade unions.

New enforcement plan against illegal work – 05/12/2012

A press release of 27 November from the Prime Minister, on the occasion of the opening of the National Commission for the fight against illegal work, declares a new enforcement plan against illegal work.


Charter of rights and duties of new French citizens and easing the examination of applications for naturalization – 23/10/2012

A general circular, expected in the coming weeks,should encourage Prefectures to be more flexible in considering applications for naturalization. The government has already published a new circular in this regard and is implementing the charter of rights and duties of new French citizens.

Professional Immigration update from France – 14/08/2012

Single desk and stream-lined processing for three categories of foreign workers, change of status from student to working category eased, and registration for national health insurance