24H Chrono de l’International, Season 8 –January 14 & 15, 2014

24H Chrono de l’International, Season 8 –January 14 & 15, 2014: we participated in broadcasts presenting working visa related issues in Brasilia (Brazil), Chicago, Orlando and Los Angeles (U.S.A.), St Petersburg (Russia), Shanghai (mainland China) and Paris (France).

Breakfast discussion- Karl Waheed Avocats – Paris, France – 03/12/13

Breakfast discussion Karl Waheed Avocats – 3 December 2013 – Paris, France : Business traveler status

  • Schengen visa Lionel Petit, Practice Manager, Karl Waheed Avocats
  • Short Term assignment to France, Valérie Tschann, Senior Consultant, Karl Waheed Avocats
  • What about business traveler and short-term worker status in Europe and around the world in the future? Karl Waheed, Attorney-at-Law, Karl Waheed Avocats.
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